Our Research Process Uncovers What Others Don’t

The following is a list of our reports published to support your investment decisions:

Report Description Frequency Sample Reports
Daily Ledger Material news, trending reports, accounting updates, client outreach & top ideas Daily Daily Ledger Report


Weekly Update of our Equity Ratings


Viewpoint Report


The V-List is a concentrated portfolio of 12 to 25 companies recommended by Veritas Investment Research as the best investment opportunities drawn from our firm’s research. 

Material Changes

V-List Report

Accounting Watchlist

A list of companies at risk due to an accounting and corporate governance issue

Material Change

Watchlist Report


An in-depth review of a particular accounting issue

A listing of all reports published in the previous month


Vigil Report


Quarterly update to assess the issues that come to light that support or refute our thesis


Need-to-Know Report


An assessment of the impact material news has on our coverage universe

Material Change

Flash Report

Sector Specific

In-depth reports prepared by our sector specific analysts

As Required

Security Specific Report

Accounting Alerts A forensic accounting based review of a company’s accounting and corporate governance As Required Accounting Alerts Report