The following is a list of our reports and videos published to support your investment decisions.

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Company Reports


Industry Report

An in-depth look at a sector under coverage, examining business conditions, competitive positioning, valuations, accounting and more.


N2K (Need to Know)

An assessment of a company's quarter and issues that have come to light that support or refute our investment thesis.


Flash Report

Analysis of a material news event and how it affects our investment recommendation on a company or companies.



Specialty Reports


V-List Model Portfolio

A concentrated portfolio of 12 to 25 larger-cap, liquid companies that are the best investment opportunities drawn from our research. The V-List has outperformed the benchmark since inception in 2004
(see our
Track Record).

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Accounting Alert

A report highlighting an accounting or corporate governance issue at a company or within a sector. We also explain what it means for shareholders and valuations, and how it may affect our investment thesis on the company or companies involved.


Quality Ratings

As part of our investment approach, we score companies under coverage on five key risk metrics: Accounting and Disclosure, Business Operations, Corporate Governance, Balance Sheet Risks, and Cash Flow Sustainability (see our Investment Approach).




Daily Ledger

A daily email summarizing our recently published research reports along with commentary on material breaking news.



A weekly email of highlights from our research from the week, along with additional takeaways and insights from the team.


Training and Events


Accounting Training

We offer in-depth accounting training to help our clients make better investment decisions. Participants benefit from our experience in identifying blow-ups often long before they occur (find out more).


Fact-Finder Video Conferences

In each episode, we speak to on-the-ground industry professionals in an unscripted, candid video to surface facts, reveal truths and discover how we can make better investment decisions (see more about our guests).


Real Estate Conference

Our clients are invited to our Annual Veritas Great Canadian Real Estate Conference each fall, where we hear industry experts provide "relentlessly honest" views on Canada's housing and commercial real estate markets.

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