Our Vision

To seek the truth from the facts.

Our Mission

To be our clients' trusted source of independent knowledge and advice.  

Founded in 2000, Veritas is Canada’s most recognized independent equity research firm. We provide in-depth analysis on Canada's largest companies to uncover those that present risks or opportunities to the investing community. Our unique forensic accounting-based research approach has proven that a careful understanding of financial information is the key to a secure investment decision.

Our clients are some of the most respected organizations in North America, including regulators, pension funds, asset managers, family offices and investment advisors. Many of our clients have been with us since our inception and we remain committed to meeting their ongoing needs.

Veritas has been engaged to provide expert testimony in a number of significant legal proceedings.

Veritas is Canada’s first and only equity research firm to be certified as a CPA training office by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario.


Veritas' Guiding Principles

Put our clients first

Hire, train and develop the best people

Always be unbiased in our views - outcomes are seldom by chance

Turn facts into ideas and actions

Lead with forensic accounting-based principles